Session Details (AS29)

Session Details
Section AS - Atmospheric Sciences
Session Title Precipitation Extremes - Observations, Modelling, Projections
Main Convener(s) Prof. Akiyo Yatagai (Hirosaki University, Japan),
Co-convener(s) Dr. Tosiyuki Nakaegawa (Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan),
Dr. Akio Kitoh (Japan Meteorological Business Support Center, Japan),
Dr. Patama Singhruck (Chulalongkorn University, Thailand),
Dr. Vinay Kumar (Texas A&M University, United States),
Session Description A major concern is how to predict future hydro-meteorological conditions due to human-induced climate change. Understanding changes in extreme events has been a focus of international scientific and political frameworks such as WCRP and IPCC. In particular, heavy precipitation often induces disasters such as floods and landslides, and drought is often linked to food scarcity and security. The scientific community has not only developed future precipitation projections with high-horizontal-resolution climate models and global precipitation estimates from satellites, but also accurate gridded precipitation data for extreme precipitation studies e.g. APHRODITE over Asia. However, gaps exist as there are different requirements for the evaluation, understanding and projection of precipitation extremes among disciplines. Hence, we propose a session focussing on extreme precipitation which will assemble scientists tackling this issue using different methods from a range of disciplines. We also welcome topics on meteorological variables such as snowfall and temperature under the context of extreme precipitation and case studies of precipitation-inducing disasters (e.g. typhoons, landslides and drought).
Expected Duration of Session 2
Preliminary List of Invited Speakers and Paper Titles
Speaker Name Paper Title
Lisa Alexander The importance of precipitation datasets for the WCRP Grand Challenge on Extremes
Natsuko Yasutomi