Session Details (HS22)

Session Details
Section HS - Hydrological Sciences
Session Title Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation on Water-related Disaster and Water Resources in Asia and the Pacific
Main Convener(s) Prof. Eiichi Nakakita (Kyoto University, Japan),
Co-convener(s) Prof. Deg-Hyo Bae (Sejong University, Korea, South),
Prof. Ching-Pin Tung (National Taiwan University, Taiwan),
Prof. Yasuto Tachikawa (Kyoto University, Japan),
Dr. Izuru Takayabu (Meteorological Research Institute, Japan Meteorological Agency, Japan),
Session Description Asia-Pacific region has suffered from various water-related disasters, such as flood and inundation, landslide, and storm surge due to severe weather by Asian monsoon and tropical cyclones. On the contrary, lacking of the sufficient approach of tropical cyclones brings severe water resource crisis. Also, sea level rise is a critical issue for islands in the Pacific regions. Under these circumstances, it is very important to produce not only risk information but also a worst-case scenario and philosophy for non-regret adaptation under the climate change. Fortunately, new research programs on these issues have established in Korea as “Climate Change Adaptation for Water Resources (CCAW)”, in Taiwan as “Taiwan Climate Change Projection Information and Adaptation Knowledge Platform ”, and in Japan as “Integrated Research Program for Advancing Climate Models (Tougou)”, respectively, in 2017. This session aims to take these new programs' establishment as an advantage to exchange and share new ideas (approach and new way of thinking) on the issues mentioned above among countries in a wider area in the Asia-Pacific region.
Expected Duration of Session 14 hours (2 days)
Preliminary List of Invited Speakers and Paper Titles