Session Details (SE12-17)

Session Details
Section SE - Solid Earth Sciences
Session Title Formation and Evolution of the Tethyan Orogenic Belt: Multi-disciplinary Constraints
Main Convener(s) Prof. Chuan-Zhou Liu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China),
Co-convener(s) Prof. Di-Cheng Zhu (China University of Geosciences, China),
Dr. Bo Wan (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China),
Dr. Ling Chen (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China),
Session Description The Tethyan tectonic realm is the largest and youngest continental collisional collage, which spreads more than 15 000 km along strike from western Europe to Papua New Guinea. The Tethyan realm is characterized by many ribbon-like continents that were separated from the northern Gondwana margin and accreted to the southern margin of the Eurasia after a long distance of drifting. Both subduction and collision processes have produced different types of magmatism and peculiar structures. Multi-disciplinary methods, including geological, geochemical, geophysical and geodynamics, have been utilized to study the complicated orogenic processes. This session encourages a wide range of contributions to disclose the Tethyan Orogeny from subduction to collision.
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