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Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Salon A / 10:30 - 12:00
Service Innovation and Management / Chairs: Cheryl Marie CORDEIRO (University of Gothenburg), Dotun ADEBANJO (University of Greenwich)
1 ICMIT16-P-0018 The Götheborg IV Model: Addressing the Cartesian Continuum in Product-Service Innovation Cheryl Marie CORDEIRO
2 ICMIT16-P-0117 Analysis of Services in Business Intelligence in Japan Kimihito TANAKA
3 ICMIT16-P-0031 The Effect of Intangible Resources on Innovation in Service Firms with the Role of Absorptive Capacity as a Moderating Variable Ardiwansyah NANGGONG, Nurul INDARTI
4 ICMIT16-P-0120 Two-Dimensional Fairness on Service Recovery Satisfaction in Cloud Computing Montri LAWKOBKIT, R. LARPSIRI
5 ICMIT16-P-0010 E-Business Capabilities in Developed and Developing Countries: Different or the Same? Dotun ADEBANJO, Matthew TICKLE, Yong LIN, Michael BOURLAKIS
6 ICMIT16-P-0098 Frugal Innovation in E-Commerce: A Case Study of Taobao Xuefeng LIU, Yanan LIN, Shanshan ZHANG, Yuying XIE
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Jamjuree / 10:30 - 12:00
Supply Chain Management / Chairs: Supachart IAMRATANAKUL (Kaetsart University), Mark GOH (National University of Singapore)
1 ICMIT16-P-0128 Decision Making Framework for Emergency Response Preparedness: A Supply Chain Resilience Approach Giuseppe TIMPERIO, Gajanan PANCHAL, Robert DE SOUZA, Mark GOH, Avinash SAMVEDI
2 ICMIT16-P-0061 Identifying Causal Relations of Critical Supply Chain Knowledge Flow Barriers for an Indian Case Organization Vishal Ashok BHOSALE, Ravi KANT, Bhaskar M. BHANDARKAR
3 ICMIT16-P-0129 Handling Network Disruption Risks for Supply-Chain Information Systems Selection Using Fuzzy DEMOPSIS Avinash SAMVEDI, Mark GOH, Robert DE SOUZA
4 ICMIT16-P-0115 Improving Supply Chain Performance Through Simulation Rong ZHOU, Robert DE SOUZA, James ANG
5 ICMIT16-P-0130 On Developing the Model of Smart Logistic Transport in Indonesia Andrianto ADI WIBOWO, Muhammad SURYANEGARA
6 ICMIT16-P-0095 Urban Logistics Using Performance Based Metrics Hassan MIRZAHOSSEINIAN, Robert DE SOUZA, James ANG
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Sakthong / 10:30 - 12:00
Quality Management and Social Network / Chairs: An-Jin SHIE (Dhurakij Pundit University), Tritos LAOSIRIHONGTHONG (Thammasat University)
1 ICMIT16-P-0111 Comparative Analysis of Quality Management Capabilities of Manufacturing Industries in the Western Sydney Region: Quality Improvement Perspective Stanislaus LOBO, Premaratne SAMARANAYAKE, Tritos LAOSIRIHONGTHONG
2 ICMIT16-P-0102 Exploring the Service Quality of Community Care for the Elderly from Multiple Perspectives - Based on a Survey of Eastern, Middle and Western China Zehao ZHANG, Min TANG, Kun LAN, Jingen DU
3 ICMIT16-P-0033 Authorized Economic Operator in Taiwan - An Example of International Freight Forwarders Hui-Hua HUANG
4 ICMIT16-P-0081 A Method for Improving Service Reliability of Bank Counter Z-John LIU,, An-Jin SHIE, Wen-Tsann LIN, Li-Peng FANG, Chen-Ming FAN
5 ICMIT16-P-0049 Exploring Decision Making in Social Networking for Jewelry Items Paramin CHUANGEMANEE, Prattana PUNNAKITIKASHEM
6 ICMIT16-P-0089 Customer-Generated Content in Company Social Media Platform: How Social Network Works? Guoxin LI, Xue YANG, Wei XU, Yingqiu ZHU
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Krisana / 10:30 - 12:00
Innovation Policy and Management / Chairs: Masatsugu TSUJI (Kobe International University), Reinhilde VEUGELERS (KULeuven)
1 ICMIT16-P-0048 Public Procurement of Innovation in Construction: A Design Science Approach Bart LENDERINK, Johannes HALMAN, Hans VOORDIJK
2 ICMIT16-P-0046 Systematic Innovation Process Studies Based on Resource Excavation Zuguang LI, Yueming ZHU, Tiecheng WANG, Jianguang SUN, Bojun YANG
3 ICMIT16-P-0056 Connectivity in the Technology Transfer Process Among Local ASEAN Firms Masatsugu TSUJI, Hiroki Idota IDOTA, Yasushi UEKI, Teruyuki BUNNO, Hidenori SHIGENO, Tomohiro MACHIKITA
4 ICMIT16-P-0082 Novel Science for Industry Reinhilde VEUGELERS, Jian WANG
5 ICMIT16-P-0094 The Forecast of Disruptive Technology Based on QFD Yueming ZHU, Zuguang LI, Tiecheng WANG, Jianguang SUN
6 ICMIT16-P-0119 The Primacy of Innovation in Strategic Financial Management - Understanding the Impact of Innovation and Performance on Capital Structure Safia NOSHEEN, Ramla SADIQ, A. RAFAY
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Salon A / 13:00 - 14:30
Human Capital and Innovation / Chairs: Nurul INDARTI (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Juha PUUSTJARVI (University of Helsinki)
1 ICMIT16-P-0006 Towards Semantic Web-based Competence Management: Going Beyond the Limits of Traditional Competence Management Juha PUUSTJARVI, Leena PUUSTJARVI
2 ICMIT16-P-0051 Using Authentic Leadership and Mindfulness as Internal Marketing Mechanism for Enhancing Proactive Customer Service Performance Chi-Min WU, Tso-Jen CHEN, Yuan-Duen LEE, Ting-Fei CHEN
3 ICMIT16-P-0059 Shared Leadership and Team Innovation: “What Leadership Roles Should Be Shared?” Ameek KAUR, Gabriel Henry JACOB, Michael GIELNIK, Michael FRESE, Tony ANTONIO, Lam SWEE SUM
4 ICMIT16-P-0096 Impact Elements of Roadway Traffic on Drivers’ Mental Workload at the Highway Intersections Mei LIU, Xiaoming HUANG, Yingying CHEN
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Jamjuree / 13:00 - 14:30
Sustainable Development and Environment Protection / Chairs: Anil VARMA (Singapore Polytechnic), Chumpol YUANGYAI (King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang)
1 ICMIT16-P-0040 Understanding Voluntary Simplifier's Consumption Behaviors: the Scale Development Hsiu-Hua CHANG
2 ICMIT16-P-0060 Energy Planning for Sustainable Development - Challenge and Experience Sharing from Thailand Adiphol TANNIRANDON, Nathasit GERDSRI
3 ICMIT16-P-0108 The Rise of China Environmental Protection Industry and its Development Countermeasures: An Empirical Research in Suzhou City Min TANG, Yi ZHANG, Zehao ZHANG
4 ICMIT16-P-0044 A Modified Variable Neighborhood Search for Aircraft Landing Problem Kam Hung NG, Carman LEE
5 ICMIT16-P-0090 Minimizing Multi-Stage System Variation Using Kalman Filter for a Tele-Sandblasting System Ranon JIENTRAKUL, Chumpol YUANGYAI
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Sakthong / 13:00 - 14:30
Knowledge Management / Chairs: Ambica DATTAKUMAR (Nanyang Technological University), Nilda Tri PUTRI (Andalas University)
1 ICMIT16-P-0009 Smart Cities and Knowledge Societies: Correlation, Causation or Distinct? Ambica DATTAKUMAR, Ravi SHARMA
2 ICMIT16-P-0076 Indicators of Knowledge Management Cycle in Indonesian Small and Medium Enterprises Amelia KURNIAWATI, T.M.A. Ari SAMADHI, Iwan Inrawan WIRATMADJA
3 ICMIT16-P-0077 Organization Learning through Effective Knowledge Sharing in SME’s: A Conceptual Model Ceicalia TESAVRITA, Kadarsah SURYADI
4 ICMIT16-P-0122 The Influences of Knowledge Management on Innovation within Formal and Non-Formal R&D Manufacturing Firms, Thailand Kimseng TIENG, Chawalit JEENANANTA, Nattharika RITTIPPANT, Pornpimol CHONGPISAL, Ryoju HAMADA
5 ICMIT16-P-0127 Managing Knowledge Management Competency by Integrating with Collaborative Behavior into Improving Hospitality Innovation Capability Narongsak PONGSATHORNWIWAT, Chawalit JEENANANTA, Van-Nam HUYNH
6 ICMIT16-P-0008 The Role of an Organizational Culture and Individual Towards Knowledge Management Practice in Cement Industry Nilda Tri PUTRI, Sandi KURNIA
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Krisana / 13:00 - 14:30
Project Management and Innovation / Chairs: Harm-Jan STEENHUIS (Hawai'i Pacific University), Roula MICHAELIDES (University of Liverpool)
1 ICMIT16-P-0135 A Systematic Meta-Analysis on Managing Innovation Projects in Uncertain and Complex Environments Roula MICHAELIDES, David BRYDE, Jill SIMANGO, Christine UNTERHITZENBERGER, Maria ARGYROPOULOU
2 ICMIT16-P-0015 New Results Using Project Management Simulation Game Amnon GONEN, Uriel ISRAELI
3 ICMIT16-P-0013 Applying ISO 26702 and IEEE 1490 for Data Center Project Management Montri WIBOONRAT
4 ICMIT16-P-0136 Adoption of Additive Manufacturing in the Medical World Harm-Jan STEENHUIS
5 ICMIT16-P-0112 What Characteristics Make an Enterprise More Proactive Toward Innovation? Case of Adopting RFID at Kumho Tire in Korea C. M. PARK, H. Y. JANG, Junghee HAN
6 ICMIT16-P-0017 Best Product End-of-Life Scenario Selection by a New Decision-Making Process Under Atanassov Fuzzy Uncertainty V. MOHAGHEGHI, S.M. MOUSAVI, Ali SIADAT
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Salon A / 15:00 - 16:30
R&D Management / Chairs: Ville OJANEN (Lappeenranta University of Technology), Sarah CHEAH (National University of Singapore)
1 ICMIT16-P-0047 The Impact of Lean Practices on NPD Performance Supachart IAMRATANAKUL
2 ICMIT16-P-0088 Exploration of an Innovativeness Estimation Approach for Conceptual Product Design Danni CHANG, Chun-Hsien CHEN
3 ICMIT16-P-0062 Assessing R&d Productivity: Perspectives of Research Organizations Rasa LALIENE, Ville OJANEN
4 ICMIT16-P-0099 Networking Capability and Technology Commercialization Sarah CHEAH
5 ICMIT16-P-0069 Key Management Processes to Technology Transfer Success Dayu JIN, Xiaofan MO, Annapoornima SUBRAMANIAN, Kah Hin CHAI, Chang Chieh HANG
6 ICMIT16-P-0004 The Relocated University Affiliated Research Institute: A New Organization Form of University-Industry Links Shisong JIANG, Yanping LI, Limin GONG
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Jamjuree / 15:00 - 16:30
Innovation and IT / Chairs: Young Sung CHO (Chungbuk National University), Korbkul JANTARAKOLICA (University of Technology Rattanakosin)
1 ICMIT16-P-0074 Impact of Web Personalization of Online Word of Mouth on Buyers’ Decision Process: An Experimental Study U. Mahesh BALAN, Saji K MATHEW
2 ICMIT16-P-0079 A Study of Recommending Service Based on Customer Inclination Using AHP Young Sung CHO, Keun Ho RYU, Kwang Sun RYU, Yongjun PIAO, Hyun Woo PARK, Song Chul MOON
3 ICMIT16-P-0087 The Impact of Individual Privacy and Personalization on Online Buying Behavior: An Experimental Study Kanishka Priyadharshini ANNAMALAI, Saji K MATHEW
4 ICMIT16-P-0125 Investment Channel using Online Trading Korbkul JANTARAKOLICA, Tatre JANTARAKOLICA
Day 2 - Tuesday, September 20, 2016 / Room: Sakthong / 15:00 - 16:30
Entrepreneurship and Knowledge Management / Chairs: Barbara IGEL (Asian Institute of Technology), Supachart IAMRATANAKUL (Kaetsart University)
1 ICMIT16-P-0118 Identifying the Key Motives of Academic Entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka Ranjika Lalani PERERA, Barbara IGEL
2 ICMIT16-P-0014 Internationalization of SMEs from Bangalore: How Do Barriers Affect the Export Entrepreneurship? Santhosh CHANNAPPA, M.H. BALA SUBRAHMANYA
3 ICMIT16-P-0065 Conceptual Model of Entrepreneurial, Managerial and Technical Software Competencies Towards SME Performance in Subsector Software Industries Atya AISHA, Iman SUDIRMAN, Joko SISWANTO, Yassierli YASSIERLI
4 ICMIT16-P-0020 Conceptual Model for Open Innovation Towards Knowledge Sharing in Indonesian SME Augustina Asih RUMANTI, T.M.A. Ari SAMADHI, Iwan Inrawan WIRATMADJA
5 ICMIT16-P-0055 Organizational Innovation Based on Intellectual Capital and Transfer Tacit Knowledge Augustina Asih RUMANTI, Trifenaus Prabu HIDAYAT, Rocky REYNALDO, Monika STEPHANIE
6 ICMIT16-P-0101 Adopting Knowledge from Reverse Innovations? Transnational Patents and Signaling from an Emerging Economy Kenneth G. HUANG, Jiatao LI