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Day 1 - Monday, December 05, 2016 / Room Mengwi 7 / 13:30 - 15:00
Healthcare Systems and Management / Chairs: Juha PUUSTJÄRVI (University of Helsinki), Manuel CRISOSTOMO (Institute of Systems and Robotics)
1 IEEM16-P-0640 Low Cost Vision System for Human Gait Acquisition and Characterization Paulo FERREIRA, João FERREIRA, Manuel CRISÓSTOMO, AntĂłnio COIMBRA
2 IEEM16-P-0002 Practicing Information Therapy in Self-Care: A Solution to the Rise in Health Care Costs Juha PUUSTJÄRVI, Leena PUUSTJÄRVI
3 IEEM16-P-0527 Benchmarking Lean Practices and Performance Measures of a Hospital Gopalakrishnan NARAYANAMURTHY, Anand GURUMURTHY
4 IEEM16-P-0194 Comparison of 3D Scanning and 3D Modelling of a Workplace from Various Aspects Marek BURES, Jiri POLCAR
5 IEEM16-P-0655 A Regression-Based Approach to Identifying Factors Affecting Operational Efficiency in Surgical Rooms Jun-Der LEU, Larry Jung-Hsing LEE, Yi-Wei HUNAG
6 IEEM16-P-0180 Hierarchical Status and Job Idiosyncrasy in Formalized Organizations: A Field Study on Hospital Physicians Severin HORNUNG, Juergen GLASER, Matthias WEIGL
7 IEEM16-P-0367 Simulation Study of Patient Arrivals and Doctors Scheduling in a Children's Emergency Department Leslie CHIA, Weidong LIN
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 2
94 IEEM16-P-0133 Use of Lean Management Philosophy in Health Sector: A VSM Based Case Study Katarzyna ANTOSZ, Dorota STADNICKA, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
95 IEEM16-P-0406 Applying Microsoft Kinect for Windows to Develop a Stroke Rehabilitation System Keng-Chieh YANG, Chia-Hui HUANG, Cyuan-Fong LE