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Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 1 / 09:00 - 10:30
Technology and Knowledge Management 2 / Chairs: Danping LIN (Shanghai Maritime University), Sune VON SOLMS (University of Johannesburg)
1 IEEM16-P-0277 Research on Effect Factors Evaluation of Internet of Things (IOT) Adoption in Chinese Agricultural Supply Chain Danping LIN, Carman Ka Man LEE, Kangwei LIN
2 IEEM16-P-0136 Technology Acceptance Model of Internet Banking Service for Student’s Tuition Fee Payment (Case Study: Public Government University) Zulhans Ramadhan MAHAROESMAN, Iwan Inrawan WIRATMADJA
3 IEEM16-P-0347 One’s Fault is Another’s Lesson: What Motivates the Employees to Participate in the Learning Activity? Sanetake NAGAYOSHI, Jun NAKAMURA
4 IEEM16-P-0520 Development of a Toolkit of Methods for Simulations in Product Development Cristina CARRO SAAVEDRA, Nils Jorge MARAHRENS, Sebastian SCHWEIGERT, Philipp KESTEL, Simon KREMER, Sandro WARTZACK, Udo LINDEMANN
5 IEEM16-P-0635 Evaluating the Regional Innovation Inputs Inequalities in China: Gini Coefficient Based on the Innovative Outputs Yingying JIA, Peng GUO
6 IEEM16-P-0746 Effect of Maintenance Resource Constraints on Flow-Shop Environment in a Joint production and Maintenance Context Sandeep KUMAR, Bhupesh Kumar LAD
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 2 / 09:00 - 10:30
Operations Research 3 / Chairs: Mingyao QI (Tsinghua University), Mojahid SAEED OSMAN (American University of Sharjah)
1 IEEM16-P-0151 The Electric Vehicle Routing Problem with Time Windows and Battery Swapping Stations Jinbo CHEN, Mingyao QI, Lixin MIAO
2 IEEM16-P-0490 Maintenance Data Allocation Model for Repairable Items in Echelon Inventory System Mojahid F. SAEED OSMAN
3 IEEM16-P-0566 An Exact Approach for the Identical Parallel Machine Scheduling Problem with Sequence-Dependent Setup Times and the Job Splitting Property Taha ARBAOUI, Farouk YALAOUI
4 IEEM16-P-0572 An Iterated Dual Substitution Approach for the Min-Max Regret Multidimensional Knapsack Problem Wei WU, Manuel IORI, Silvano MARTELLO, Mutsunori YAGIURA
5 IEEM16-P-0613 Modeling Thailand Power Market: Mathematical Program with Equilibrium Constraints Seksun MORYADEE
6 IEEM16-P-0603 A Robust Approach for Newsvendor Problem with the Alternative Product Under Price and Ordering Quantity Competitions Takashi HASUIKE
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 3 / 09:00 - 10:30
Supply Chain Management 3 / Chairs: Sobhan ASIAN (RMIT University), Vipul JAIN (Victoria University of Wellington)
1 IEEM16-P-0319 Dynamic Priority Repair Policy for Service Parts Supply Chain Aghil REZAEI SOMARIN, Sobhan ASIAN, Songlin CHEN
2 IEEM16-P-0651 Reverse Logistics Service Provider Selection: A TOPSIS-QFD Approach Vipul JAIN, Sharfuddin Ahmed KHAN
3 IEEM16-P-0280 Integrated Methodology for Supplier Selection in Supply Chain Management Naveen JAIN, Amit Raj SINGH, Akhilesh CHOUDHARY
4 IEEM16-P-0307 Supply Chain Management Framework Development for New Multiple Life Cycle Product Development Mohamad Fariz MOHAMED NASIR, Abd Rahman ABDUL RAHIM, Halim Shah HAMZAH
5 IEEM16-P-0498 Assessing the Effectiveness of Diesel and Petrol Supply Chain: A Case of Namibia Tupomukumo IYAMBO, Michael MUTINGI, Charles MBOHWA
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 5 / 09:00 - 10:30
Quality Control and Management 2 / Chairs: Ville ISOHERRANEN (University of Oulu), Zhiqiang CAI (Northwestern Polytechnical University)
1 IEEM16-P-0511 Application of Quality Function Deployment to Improve Smart Services Applications, Dubai Public Entity as a Case Study O. A. L. ZAWATI, Fikri DWEIRI
2 IEEM16-P-0515 Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Test for the Generalized Weibull Model Shovan CHOWDHURY
3 IEEM16-P-0672 Heteroscedastic Linear Model Based Reliability Evaluation for Solar Cell Degradation Testing Zhidong SHENG, Rui LIANG
4 IEEM16-P-0649 Integrating Lean Six Sigma with ISO 9001:2015 Pedro Alexandre MARQUES, Paulo MEYRELLES, Pedro SARAIVA, Francisco FRAZÃO GUERREIRO
5 IEEM16-P-0546 Refining of Heat Treatment Process Parameters on Large Cup-Type SAE4140 Alloy Pai-Chung TSENG, Y. C. TENG, P. SAWADOGO
6 IEEM16-P-0541 Lean Maintenance Excellence in the Container Handling Industry: A Case Study Akram A. EBEID, Ingy A. EL-KHOULY, Aziz E. EL-SAYED
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 6 / 09:00 - 10:30
Manufacturing Systems 1 / Chairs: Dinh Son NGUYEN (University of Science and Technology, The University of Danang), Cucuk Nur ROSYIDI (Sebelas Maret University)
1 IEEM16-P-0628 A Method to Generate Lattice Structure for Additive Manufacturing Dinh Son NGUYEN, Frederic VIGNAT
2 IEEM16-P-0464 Make or Buy Analysis Model in a Multi-Stage Manufacturing Processes Cucuk Nur ROSYIDI, Mega Aria PRATAMA, Wakhid Ahmad JAUHARI, Bambang SUHARDI, Kunihiro HAMADA
3 IEEM16-P-0481 aA Fuzzy Logic Expert System for the Automated Generation of Roadmaps for Automated Guided Vehicle Systems Sarah UTTENDORF, Björn EILERT, Ludger OVERMEYER
4 IEEM16-P-0045 Influencing Factors on Goal Achievement in Teamwork of Production Teams Robert STRANZENBACH, Susanne MÜTZE-NIEWÖHNER, Philipp M. PRZYBYSZ, Christopher M. SCHLICK
5 IEEM16-P-0231 Heuristics for Minimizing the Total Tardiness in a Re-Entrant Hybrid Flow Shop With Non-Identical Machines in Parallel Xiang Yi ZHANG, Lu CHEN
6 IEEM16-P-0629 Machine and Production Scheduling Under Electricity Time Varying Prices MohammadMohsen AGHELINEJAD, Yassine OUAZENE, Alice YALAOUI
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 7 / 09:00 - 10:30
Decision Analysis and Methods 2 / Chairs: Charles MBOHWA (University of Johannesburg), Egon MUELLER (Chemnitz University of Technology)
1 IEEM16-P-0265 The Choice of a Collaboration Form - A Special Insight in the Case of R&D Consortia Xiao-Li CHEN, Christina HESSE, Ralph RIEDEL, Egon MÜLLER
2 IEEM16-P-0341 Biogas Use as Fuel in Spark Ignition Engines Temitope KUKOYI, Edison MUZENDA, Esther AKINLABI, Able MASHAMBA, Charles MBOHWA, Thabo MAHLATSI
3 IEEM16-P-0183 A Weighted Preference Graph Approach to Analyze Incomplete Customer Preference Information in QFD Product Planning Pai ZHENG, Xun XU, Shane XIE
4 IEEM16-P-0432 Generating Decision Rules for Flexible Capacity Expansion to Achieve Better Lifecycle Performance Junfei HU, Peng GUO, Kim Leng POH, Linbo LUO
5 IEEM16-P-0674 A Model of the N-Player Multiple Period Bargaining Game with Equal Discounting Rate Pongsakorn NIMNUAL, Naraphorn PAOPRASERT
6 IEEM16-P-0412 Performance Comparison of Two Truth Telling Incentive Mechanisms: An Experimental Method Min YANG, Caijia JIA, Zhuwei WANG
7 IEEM16-P-0680 POLCA Simulation Game for Job Shop Whee Ching HOW, Kuan Eng CHONG
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 8 / 09:00 - 10:30
Project Management 1 / Chairs: Budi HARTONO (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Mauro MANCINI (Politecnico Di Milano)
1 IEEM16-P-0263 Knowledge Management Maturity and Firm’s Performance: Firm’s Size as a Moderating Variable Budi HARTONO, Nurul INDARTI, Kah-Hin CHAI, Sinta SULISTYO
2 IEEM16-P-0334 Guidelines for Building Information Modeling (BIM) Performance Improvement in the EPC industry Andrea BOTTARI, Gabriele IOUDIOUX, Mauro MANCINI, Agnese TRAVAGLINI
3 IEEM16-P-0399 Predicting the Effect of Wastes on Project Cost Using Multiple Linear Regressions Khanh HA DUY, Kim SOO YONG
4 IEEM16-P-0268 Structuring Highly Iterative Product Development Projects by Using HIP-Indicators Günther SCHUH, Michael RIESENER, Frederic DIELS
5 IEEM16-P-0506 Project Success Factors: The Opinion of Facilities Managers Edoghogho OGBEIFUN, Charles MBOHWA, Jan Harm C. PRETORIUS
6 IEEM16-P-0483 Performance Metrics in Engineering Change Management - Key Performance Indicators and Engineering Change Performance Levels Niklas KATTNER, Tianyi WANG, Udo LINDEMANN
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room VIP Room / 09:00 - 10:30
Facilities Planning and Management / Chairs: Ali SIADAT (Arts et Metiers ParisTech), Shin-Guang CHEN (Tungnan University)
1 IEEM16-P-0281 Performance Enhancing in the Manufacturing Industry: An Improvement KATA Application Jose DINIS-CARVALHO, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE, Dorota STADNICKA, Rui SOUSA, J. Ville ISOHERRANEN, Maneesh KUMAR
2 IEEM16-P-0217 Optimal Re-Arrangement in Fast Enumeration for Integer Programming Problems Shin-Guang CHEN
3 IEEM16-P-0088 Assessing E-Waste Recycling Programs by Developing Preference Selection Index Under Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Uncertainty V. MOHAGHEGHI, S. M. MOUSAVI, Ali SIADAT
4 IEEM16-P-0492 Overall Reliability Index Development for Railway Infrastructure and Rolling Stock with Case Study Fuqing YUAN
5 IEEM16-P-0547 Complementing a Delphi Exercise with a Focus Group Session Edoghogho OGBEIFUN, Charles MBOHWA, Jan Harm C. PRETORIUS
6 IEEM16-P-0248 Research on Incentive Policies of Medical Information Sharing of Medical Consortium in China Based on the Principal-Agent Theory Qiang ZHANG, Liya WANG, Jinze CHAI, Donghao PEI, Zhibin JIANG
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 1 / 09:00 - 10:30
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering 3 / Chairs: Anisur RAHMAN (Griffith University), Yoshinobu TAMURA (Yamaguchi University)
1 IEEM16-P-0355 Evaluation of Customer’s Risk to Lifetime Warranty Anisur RAHMAN
2 IEEM16-P-0529 Comparison of Big Data Analyses for Reliable Open Source Software Yoshinobu TAMURA, Shigeru YAMADA
3 IEEM16-P-0301 Kinetic Reliability Analysis of Space Four-Links Mechanism Considering Wear Yu SHI, Bifeng SONG, Tianxiang YU, Yugang ZHANG
4 IEEM16-P-0522 Decision-Support Approach for Selecting the Suitable Maintenance Policy Nasser Youssouf MAHAMOUD, Pierre DEHOMBREUX, Marc PIRLOT, Hassan ELMI ROBLE
5 IEEM16-P-0676 A Quantitative Study on the Impact of Opportunistic Maintenance in the Presence of Time-Varying Costs Huy TRUONG BA, Michael E. CHOLETTE, Pietro BORGHESANI, Lin MA
6 IEEM16-P-0586 Time Series of Multivariate Zero-inflated Poisson Counts Chen ZHANG, Nan CHEN, Linmiao ZHANG
7 IEEM16-P-0444 A Fuzzy Logic Based Approach for Deciding the Corrective Action to Minimize Vibration Induced Fatigue Damage on Offshore Pipework Arvind KEPRATE, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 2 / 09:00 - 10:30
Information Processing and Engineering / Chairs: Juergen ZIMMERMANN (Clausthal University of Technology), SC Johnson LIM (Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia)
1 IEEM16-P-0122 Hybrid Methods of Particle Swarm Optimization and Spatial Credibilistic Clustering with a Clustering Factor for Image Segmentation Peihan WEN, Dongqun ZHOU, Meng Jie WU, Shuping YI
2 IEEM16-P-0373 Information Processing and Knowledge Discovery Framework for Sustainable Building Environment Using Multiple Sensor Network S.C. Johnson LIM, Safullizam PUTEH, Kai Chen GOH
3 IEEM16-P-0184 An Explorative Study on Management and Maintenance of Systems for Design and Manufacture of Customized Products Morteza POORKIANY, Joel JOHANSSON, Fredrik ELGH
4 IEEM16-P-0349 Determining the Relationship Between Psychological and Physiological Measurements of Human Trust Using Rough Set Analysis Wei Shiung LIEW, Halimahtun MOHD KHALID, Parham NOORALISHAHI, Zeeshan RASOOL, Chu Kiong LOO, Martin HELANDER
5 IEEM16-P-0463 SPSA-Based PID Parameters Optimization for a Dual-Tank Liquid-Level Control System Xiangsong KONG, Lingwu QIAN, Ziyan WANG
6 IEEM16-P-0189 A Disassembly Complexity Assessment Method for Sustainable Product Design Samyeon KIM, Seung Ki MOON, Su Min JEON, Hyung Sool OH
7 IEEM16-P-0310 Factors That Drive Purchasing Performance in Engineering Procurement and Construction Companies Gitesh CHAVAN, Ranjan CHAUDHURI
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 1 / 11:00 - 12:30
Technology and Knowledge Management 3 / Chairs: Nurul INDARTI (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Weng Marc LIM (Swinburne University of Technology)
1 IEEM16-P-0276 Types of Knowledge Transferred in Family Business Succession Nurul INDARTI, Gabriella Hanny KUSUMA
2 IEEM16-P-0379 Experience Reuse to Improve Agility in Knowledge-Driven Industrial Processes Valentina Maria LLAMAS, Thierry COUDERT, Laurent GENESTE, Juan Camilo ROMERO BEJARANO, Aymeric DE VALROGER
3 IEEM16-P-0401 Research on Knowledge Push Method for Business Process Based on Multidimensional Hierarchical Context Model Faping ZHANG, Li LI
4 IEEM16-P-0456 Study on Main Delivery Actors in Technology Delivery System (TDS) Based on Multi-Data Sources Ying GUO, Ganlu SUN, Ying HUANG, Yun FU, Yue QIAN
5 IEEM16-P-0361 Does Innovation Promote Exports? Evidence from Chinese Manufacturing Firms Ke JI, Jianwei DANG, Kazumitsu NAWATA
6 IEEM16-P-0495 Product Configuration System and its Impact on Product’s Life Cycle Complexity Anna MYRODIA, Katrin KRISTJANSDOTTIR, Sara SHAFIEE, Lars HVAM
7 IEEM16-P-0270 Implementation of Lean Knowledge Work in Oil and Gas Industry - A Case Study from a Risk-Based Inspection Project Andika RACHMAN, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 2 / 11:00 - 12:30
Operations Research 4 / Chairs: Lionel AMODEO (Universite de Technologie de Troyes), Charles MBOHWA (University of Johannesburg)
1 IEEM16-P-0642 Efficient Metaheuristic for Multi-Product Disassembly Lot Sizing Problem with Lost Sales Mustapha HROUGA, Matthieu GODICHAUD , Lionel AMODEO
2 IEEM16-P-0264 An Application of Microsoft Excel's Evolutionary Solver Based on a Novel Chromosome Encoding Scheme to the 1/N Portfolio Tracking Problem Oliver STRUB, Norbert TRAUTMANN
3 IEEM16-P-0285 Makespan Minimization in Aircraft Landing Problem Under Congested Traffic Situation Using Modified Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm Kam Hung NG, Carman Ka Man LEE
4 IEEM16-P-0272 The Resource Transfer Problem: Modeling and Solving Integrated Scheduling and Routing Problems Illa WEISS, Christoph SCHWINDT
5 IEEM16-P-0292 U-shaped Line Balancing Model with an Uncertainty Time on some Tasks Suthep VARNASILPIN, R. MASUCHUN
6 IEEM16-P-0411 Joint Financing Strategy for a Cash-Constrained Supply Chain Jinjin ZHANG, Ting NIE, Junzhe HUANG, Yan CHEN
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 3 / 11:00 - 12:30
Supply Chain Management 4 / Chairs: Jayendran VENKATESWARAN (Indian Institute of Technology Bombay), Alireza FARAZ (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria)
1 IEEM16-P-0641 Empirical Studies of New Product Diffusion Under Uncertainty Jayendran VENKATESWARAN, Siddhartha PAUL, R. VIDYADHAR, Chetan Singh SOLANKI, N.C. NARAYANAN
2 IEEM16-P-0308 Make Sure You Understood Your Strategic Partner in Your Buyer-Supplier Relationship Alireza FARAZ, Zach ZACHARIA, Markus GERSCHBERGER
3 IEEM16-P-0333 Development of Risk Assessment Model for Farmers in Tomato Supply Chain Gowri RAJAGOPAL, Malliga POOSANDARAM, R. KALA
4 IEEM16-P-0602 Game Theoretical Analysis of Supply Chain Configurations Soh SAKURAI, Tatsushi NISHI
5 IEEM16-P-0015 Relating Supply Chain Integration with the Culture and Strategy of its Constitutent Members: A Theoretical Framework Dhan SINGH, R R K. SHARMA
6 IEEM16-P-0661 Maturity Model For Supply Chain Collaboration: CMMI Approach Thi Phuong Dung HO, Arun KUMAR, Nirajan SHIWAKOTI
7 IEEM16-P-0455 Estimating the On-Time Probability for Vendor Selection Problem B. Ashish KUMAR, Parthasarathy RAMACHANDRAN, Girish MODGIL
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 5 / 11:00 - 12:30
Production Planning and Control 1 / Chairs: Laith HADIDI (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), Vipul JAIN (Victoria University of Wellington)
1 IEEM16-P-0233 Solving the Scheduling Problem of Machines with Auxiliary Tools Ya-Chu YANG, Yu-Ting LIN, Yi-Feng HUNG
2 IEEM16-P-0234 Solving Cutting Scheduling Problem by Simulated Annealing Search Method Kuan-Ting TUNG, Chih-Yu CHEN, Yi-Feng HUNG
3 IEEM16-P-0236 Testing Multiple Threads Tabu Search by Solving Scheduling Problems Shuo-Cheng SHUN, Yi-Feng HUNG
4 IEEM16-P-0241 Comparisons of Three Mixed Integer Programming Models for Parallel Machine Scheduling Shan-Hao YU, Yi-Feng HUNG
5 IEEM16-P-0254 Modeling Fabric Cutting Scheduling as Mixed Integer Programming To-Ju WANG, Jia-Ying PENG, Yi-Feng HUNG
6 IEEM16-P-0328 Integration Aggregate Production Planning and Maintenance Using Mixed Integer Linear Programming M. ERFANIAN, Mohammadali PIRAYESH
7 IEEM16-P-0658 Production Planning for Customer Innovated Products Johannes ATUG, Andreas HEES, Marcel WAGNER, Stefan BRAUNREUTHER, Gunther REINHART
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 6 / 11:00 - 12:30
Manufacturing Systems 2 / Chairs: Sirichai TORSAKUL (Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi), Junfeng WANG (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
1 IEEM16-P-0368 A Finite Element Simulation for Shape Influences of the Drawbead on the Non-Symmetrical Deep Drawing Process Sirichai TORSAKUL, Alexander BREZING
2 IEEM16-P-0074 Active Energy Saving Strategy for Sensible Manufacturing Systems Operation Based on Real Time Production Status Junfeng WANG, Jin XUE, Yi FENG, Shiqi LI, Yan FU, Qing CHANG
3 IEEM16-P-0227 External Buildings Retrofit: Employing Guillotine Cuts for Aesthetic Envelopes Andres Felipe BARCO, Michel ALDANONDO, Elise VAREILLES, Paul GABORIT
4 IEEM16-P-0208 A Hybrid Discrete Cuckoo Search Algorithm for Cell Formation Problem with Alternative Process Routings and Operation Sequence Hao HUANG, Hanxin FENG, Ershun PAN, Lifeng XI
5 IEEM16-P-0449 Non-Cyclic Scheduling of Dual-Armed Cluster Tools for Bi-Objective Minimization of Wafer Residence Time and Makespan Masaru SAKAI, Tatsushi NISHI
6 IEEM16-P-0513 Internet of Things Value for Mechanical Engineers and Evolving Commercial Product Lifecycle Management System Satoshi GOTO, Osamu YOSHIE, Shigeru FUJIMURA
7 IEEM16-P-0247 Variation of Elastic Modulus During Cold Drawing of Seamless Tubes and it’s Influence on Springback Dada KARANJULE, Sunil BHAMARE, Thota RAO
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 7 / 11:00 - 12:30
Decision Analysis and Methods 3 / Chairs: Ali SIADAT (Arts et Metiers ParisTech), Mauro MANCINI (Politecnico Di Milano)
1 IEEM16-P-0585 Multi-Criteria Performance Management Methodology for Decision Support in Industrial Project Selection Problems Fan LI, Alain ETIENNE, François VERNADAT, Ali SIADAT
2 IEEM16-P-0336 A Real Options Investment Model for the Evaluation of Wind and Photovoltaic Plants Mauro MANCINI, Roberto SALA, Daniele TEDESCO, Agnese TRAVAGLINI
3 IEEM16-P-0610 Conflict Analysis in Redevelopment of Brownfield Caused by Contingency: Tianjin Port “8•12” Explosion Hazard, in China Xia LI, Yuming ZHU, Yumeng SHI
4 IEEM16-P-0606 Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ) Based Contradiction Resolution Strategies for Shaanxi Aviation Industrial Upgrading Wenqi YAN, Yuming ZHU, Naveed AHMAD
5 IEEM16-P-0012 About the Computation of Robust PROMETHEE II Rankings: Empirical Evidence Yves DE SMET
6 IEEM16-P-0652 Simultaneous Barrel Cutter Design and Tool Path Planning in 5-Axis Machining of Freeform Surfaces Chih-Hsing CHU
7 IEEM16-P-0370 Risk Perception, Risk Propensity, and Unsafe Behavior: An Empirical Study of Workers in Chinese Construction Industry Yiping HUANG, Xueqing WANG, Ruxi DING, Nini XIA
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 8 / 11:00 - 12:30
Project Management 2 / Chairs: Jan Harm PRETORIUS (University of Johannesburg), Reza KIA (Firoozkooh Branch, Islamic Azad University)
1 IEEM16-P-0340 Investigating the Effects of Replacing the Project Manager During Project Execution James DUBBER, Jan Harm C. PRETORIUS
2 IEEM16-P-0031 Multistakeholder Engagement in the Face of Stakeholder Adversities Among Globally Distributed ICT Projects - A Conceptual Model and a Research Agenda Krishnan MYSORE , Abbas ELMUALIM, Konstantinos KIRYTOPOULOS
3 IEEM16-P-0315 An MIP-Based Heuristic for Scheduling Projects with Work-Content Constraints Adrian ZIMMERMANN
4 IEEM16-P-0321 Process Maturity Models for the Development of Mechatronic Products Christoph HOLLAUER, Lennart HORNAUER, Udo LINDEMANN
5 IEEM16-P-0273 The Key Drivers of Sustainability Hosein DANESHPOUR, Josu TAKALA
6 IEEM16-P-0403 Success by Efficient Resource Planning in a Project Based Environment Mandy THURM, Ralph RIEDEL, Egon MÜLLER
7 IEEM16-P-0578 Methods Collection to Support Requirements Engineering with Focus on Structuring and Consolidation of Requirements Dominik WEIDMANN, Niklas KATTNER, Christoph HOLLAUER, Lucia BECERRIL, Nepomuk CHUCHOLOWSKI, Udo LINDEMANN
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room VIP Room / 11:00 - 12:30
Big Data and Analytics / Chairs: Selina NG (Adam Science Technology and Research International), Philipp BAUMANN (University of Bern)
1 IEEM16-P-0085 An Independent Study of Two Deep Learning Platforms – H2O and SINGA Selina NG, Wei ZHU, Wilson TANG, Louis WAN, Andrew WAT
2 IEEM16-P-0320 Sparse-Reduced Computation for Large-Scale Spectral Clustering Philipp BAUMANN
3 IEEM16-P-0108 A New Area Linearization Method for Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem Yue XIE, Shenghan ZHOU, Yiyong XIAO, Wenbing CHANG
4 IEEM16-P-0037 Evaluation of Air Traffic Management System Using a Hybrid Model Yuefei MA, Xiaoyue WU
5 IEEM16-P-0152 Vessel Speed Analytics Using Satellite-Based Ship Position Data Roar ADLAND, Haiying JIA
6 IEEM16-P-0028 Redesign of Thresher Machine for Farmers Using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA) Method Nilda Tri PUTRI, Lusi SUSANTI, Anugrah TITO, Agus SUTANTO
7 IEEM16-P-0086 Parameter Estimation for Load-Sharing Systems with Degrading Components Bin LIU, Jianyu XU, Xiujie ZHAO
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 1 / 11:00 - 12:30
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering 4 / Chairs: Peihan WEN (Chongqing University), Seung Ki MOON (Nanyang Technological University)
1 IEEM16-P-0013 Reliability Analysis Method of Phased-Mission Nuclear Power Equipment Based on Goal Oriented Methodology Huina MU, Jianwen LIU, Mingchao LU, Jianfeng CHEN, Xiaojian YI
2 IEEM16-P-0141 Machinery Classification and Prioritization: Empirical Models and AHP Based Approach for Effective Preventive Maintenance Katarzyna ANTOSZ, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
3 IEEM16-P-0059 A Partitioning Method of Experimental Levels for Low Failure Probability Estimation Problems Kunling SONG, Yugang ZHANG, Xinshui YU, Bifeng SONG
4 IEEM16-P-0042 Reliability Analysis of Rubber O-rings Used in the Rockets Li SUN, Xiaohui GU, Lei FENG, Yi DI
5 IEEM16-P-0278 Joint Optimization of Degradation-Based Burn-in, Quality, and Preventive Maintenance Zhen CHEN, Yapin LI, Ershun PAN
6 IEEM16-P-0381 Critical Success Factors for Developing Building Maintenance Strategies: A Case of Namibia Michael MUTINGI, Rudolf KALUMBU, Charles MBOHWA
7 IEEM16-P-0615 Selecting a Modeling Approach for Predicting Remnant Fatigue Life of Offshore Topside Piping Arvind KEPRATE, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 1 / 13:30 - 15:00
Technology and Knowledge Management 4 / Chairs: Yang Yang ZHAO (Norwegian Institute of Systems Engineering), Chong GUAN (SIM University)
1 IEEM16-P-0282 Knowledge Societies and Their Role in Sustainable Development Ambica DATTAKUMAR, Guan CHONG, Lin MALONE, Ravi S. SHARMA, Jesus Felix VALENZUELA
2 IEEM16-P-0226 Knowledge Roadmap Across Design and Engineering: An User-centric Didactic Approach Arne Kjetil RUGAAS, Yang Yang ZHAO
3 IEEM16-P-0687 On the Estimation of Hospital Beds Occupancy After Hip Surgery Sergio SOUSA, Cristina RODRIGUES, Eusebio NUNES
4 IEEM16-P-0663 Customization of the CAD Software in a Typical Drawing Office for a Power and Electricity Distribution Company in Zimbabwe Wilson R. NYEMBA, Charles MBOHWA
5 IEEM16-P-0684 Process Improvement and Utilization of Machines in the Production Area of a Shoe Manufacturing Company Ma. Carole MARCELO, Gerlie AVILA, Monti CRUZ, Baldwin PRADO, M. M. NAVARRO
6 IEEM16-P-0332 A Robust Design Based Methodology for Investigation of Optimal Parameters’ Combination in Ultrasonic Assisted Face Grinding Roman WDOWIK, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 2 / 13:30 - 15:00
Operations Research 5 / Chairs: Lionel AMODEO (Universite de Technologie de Troyes), Ahmed EL-BOURI (Sultan Qaboos University)
1 IEEM16-P-0172 A Hybrid Supplier Selection Model Considering Non-Homogeneous Group Decision Makers Tuan Son NGUYEN, Sherif MOHAMED, Anisur RAHMAN
2 IEEM16-P-0421 A Score-Based Dispatching Rule for Job Shop Scheduling Ahmed W. EL-BOURI
3 IEEM16-P-0465 Maintenance Optimization Considering Winterization Problem for the Power Supply System of Railway in Norway Fuqing YUAN
4 IEEM16-P-0671 A Linear Programming Based Iterative Heuristic for the Recreational Vehicle Scheduling Problem Sarang KULKARNI, Andreas ERNST, Abhiram RANADE, Mohan KRISHNAMOORTHY
5 IEEM16-P-0668 The One-Shot Decision Theory Based Production Planning Models Xide ZHU, Peijun GUO
6 IEEM16-P-0701 Analysis of Visual Representation Techniques for Product Configuration Systems in Industrial Companies Sara SHAFIEE, Katrin KRISTJANSDOTTIR, Lars HVAM, Alexander FELFERNIG, Anna MYRODIA
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 3 / 13:30 - 15:00
Supply Chain Management 5 / Chairs: TMA ARISAMADHI (Bandung Institute of Technology), Yan CHEN (Macau University of Science and Technology)
1 IEEM16-P-0348 Inter-Organizational Trust and Knowledge Sharing Model Between Manufacturer and Supplier in the Automotive Industry Fadillah RAMADHAN, T. M. A. ARISAMADHI
2 IEEM16-P-0428 Modeling and Evaluation of Overbooking Rules for Primary Health Care Clinic with Different Patient Behavior Ping FAN, D. FAN, Yong-Hong KUO, Yan CHEN
3 IEEM16-P-0446 Integrated Versus Non-Integrated Perspectives of Auditors Concerning the New ISO 9001 Revision J. Pedro DOMINGUES, Luis FONSECA, Paulo SAMPAIO, Pedro AREZES
4 IEEM16-P-0644 Fuzzy-AHP Approach for Warehouse Performance Measurement Sharfuddin Ahmed KHAN, Fikri DWEIRI, Amin CHAABANE
5 IEEM16-P-0667 Statistical Process Control Automation in the Final Inspection Process: An Industrial Case Study Liliana GUERRA, Sergio SOUSA, Eusebio NUNES
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 5 / 13:30 - 15:00
Production Planning and Control 2 / Chairs: Laith HADIDI (King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals), Seung Ki MOON (Nanyang Technological University)
1 IEEM16-P-0043 An Optimization Model Integrated Production Scheduling and Preventive Maintenance for Group Production Wenzhu LIAO, Xiufang ZHANG, Min JIANG
2 IEEM16-P-0157 Reducing Schedule Nervousness in Production and Operations Under Non-Stationary Stochastic Demand: The Case of an Airline Catering Company Narat HASACHOO, Ruedee MASUCHUN
3 IEEM16-P-0054 Joint Optimization of Flowshop Sequence-Dependent Manufacturing Cell Scheduling and Preventive Maintenance Hanxin FENG, Wen DA, Hao HUANG, Lifeng XI, Ershun PAN
4 IEEM16-P-0209 Integrated Preventive Maintenance and Production Scheduling Optimization on Uniform Parallel Machines with Deterioration Effect Wen DA, Hanxin FENG, Ershun PAN
5 IEEM16-P-0288 The Planning and Documentation Problem of Emergent Changes Peter SJÖGREN, Johannes HECK
6 IEEM16-P-0612 Investigating Production Planning and Control Challenges in the Semi-Process Industry, the Case of a Metal Parts Producer Philipp SPENHOFF, Marco SEMINI, Daryl POWELL
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 6 / 13:30 - 15:00
Manufacturing Systems 3 / Chairs: Avanish Kumar DUBEY (Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad), Arnesh TELUKDARIE (University of Johannesburg)
1 IEEM16-P-0637 MES to ERP Integration: Rapid Deployment Toolset Arnesh TELUKDARIE
2 IEEM16-P-0026 Intelligent Modeling and Multi-Objective Optimization of Powder Mixed Electrical Discharge Diamond Grinding of MMC Ashvarya AGRAWAL, Avanish Kumar DUBEY, Pankaj Kumar SHRIVASTAVA
3 IEEM16-P-0261 Process Parameters Optimization for Multiple-Inputs-Multiple-Outputs Pulsed Green Laser Welding via Response Surface Methodology Safwan ALTARAZI, Leen HIJAZI, Elke KAISER
4 IEEM16-P-0431 Inventory Management Models and Their Effects on Uncertain Demand Ndivhuwo NEMTAJELA, Charles MBOHWA
5 IEEM16-P-0230 Machine Reliability Modelling in Manufacturing: A Continuous-Time State-Dependent Heterogeneous Markov Chain Approach Na LI, Xin YU, Mike ZHANG
6 IEEM16-P-0294 Seru Loading with Worker-Operation Assignment in Single Period Lan LUO, Zhe ZHANG, Yong YIN
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 7 / 13:30 - 15:00
Decision Analysis and Methods 4 / Chairs: Kaushik NAG (American University of the Middle East), Mangesh GHAROTE (Tata Consultancy Services)
1 IEEM16-P-0473 A Fuzzy TOPSIS Approach in Multi-Criteria Decision Making for Supplier Selection in a Pharmaceutical Distributor Kaushik NAG, Magdy HELAL
2 IEEM16-P-0060 Excellence in Integrating Care into the Product Development Process: A Case Study of Nokia Jukka MAJAVA, J. Ville ISOHERRANEN
3 IEEM16-P-0605 A Combination Use of Bagging and Random Subspace with Memory Mechanism for Dynamic Financial Distress Prediction Chong WU, Jiaming LIU
4 IEEM16-P-0318 Collaborative Distribution - Application to the City of Yogyakarta, Indonesia Anna Maria Sri ASIH, Wandhansari Sekar JATININGRUM, Bertha Maya SOPHA
5 IEEM16-P-0146 Minimal Cost Stable Workforce Allocation in Presence of Ties Mangesh GHAROTE, Rahul PATIL, Sachin LODHA
6 IEEM16-P-0109 Rule-Based Discrete Event Simulation for Optimising Railway Hump Yard Operations Harshad KHADILKAR, Sudhir Kumar SINHA
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Mengwi 8 / 13:30 - 15:00
Project Management 3 / Chairs: Reza KIA (Firoozkooh Branch, Islamic Azad University), Ralph RIEDEL (Chemnitz University of Technology)
1 IEEM16-P-0588 Solving a Multi-Objective Mathematical Model for a Multi-Skilled Project Scheduling Problem by CPLEX Solver Reza KIA, Parisa SHAHNAZARI-SHAHREZAEI, Sina ZABIHI
2 IEEM16-P-0556 Determinants of On-Going Trust Within a Collaboration Xiao-Li CHEN, Ralph RIEDEL, Anne GOETZE, Egon MÜLLER
3 IEEM16-P-0471 Why Construction Workers' Workplace Deviant Behavior Happens? The Effect of Psychological Ownership Xing LIU, Xueqing WANG, Nini XIA
4 IEEM16-P-0482 Scenario Selection Optimization in System Engineering Projects Under Uncertainty: A Multi-Objective Ant Colony Method Based on a Learning Mechanism Majda LACHHAB, Thierry COUDERT, Cedrik BÉLER
5 IEEM16-P-0533 An Approach for Improving Method and Model Application in Engineering Design Processes: Case Study of a German Plant Engineering Company Christoph HOLLAUER, Peter RIEBL, L. BECERRIL, N. KATTNER, D. WEIDMANN, N. CHUCHOLOWSKI, Karl RUHLAND, Karl AMANN, Udo LINDEMANN
6 IEEM16-P-0115 The Need for Integration Between Organizational Project Management and Change Management Julien POLLACK
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room VIP Room / 13:30 - 15:00
Engineering Economy and Cost Analysis / Chairs: Elita AMRINA (Andalas University), Yves DE SMET (Université libre de Bruxelles)
1 IEEM16-P-0360 Artificial Neural Networks in Activity Based Costing Optimization Noppadol AMDEE, T. ARUNCHAI, K. SONTHIPERMPOON, Warawut PHANBOONMEE
2 IEEM16-P-0507 Risk Assessment in Costing Systems Using Costing at Risk (CaR): An Application to the Coffee Production Cost Victor Javier JIMÉNEZ, Paulo AFONSO
3 IEEM16-P-0598 A Risk Addendum for Complex Risky Projects Pradip K BHAUMIK
4 IEEM16-P-0725 Supporting Product Platform Decisions with Lifecycle Costing Sebastian MAISENBACHER, Kristin GOEVERT, Udo LINDEMANN, Markus MÖRTL
5 IEEM16-P-0279 Reliability Analysis of Dynamic Reliability Blocks Through Conversion into Dynamic Bayesian Networks Kanjing LI, Ren YI, Zheng MA
6 IEEM16-P-0158 Simulating Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem Using Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation Bertha Maya SOPHA, Afriana SIAGIAN, Anna Maria Sri ASIH
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 1 / 13:30 - 15:00
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering 5 / Chairs: Behzad GHODRATI (Lulea University of Technology), Asokan MULAYATH VARIYATH (Memorial University)
1 IEEM16-P-0185 Railway Switches and Crossings Reliability Analysis Behzad GHODRATI, Stephen FAMUREWA, Seyed Hadi HOSEINIE
2 IEEM16-P-0587 Nonparametric Information Criterion for Change Point Problems Asokan MULAYATH VARIYATH, Chithran Vadaverkkot VASUDEVAN
3 IEEM16-P-0123 A Maintenance Waste Risk Appraisal Model Based on Modified Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) Agung SUTRISNO, Indra GUNAWAN, Iwan VANANY, Hadi Akbarzadeh KHORSHIDI
4 IEEM16-P-0073 The Reliability Analysis of Repairable K-Out-of-N Systems with Component Lifetimes and Repair Time Subjected to Phase-Type Distribution Wei WANG, Tong CHEN, Di PENG
5 IEEM16-P-0006 Preventive Maintenance Operations Based on Weighted Similarity Coefficient Abdelhakim ABDELHADI, Tamara KHREIS
6 IEEM16-P-0072 Analysis on Reliability Model for Warm Standby System with a Repairman Taking Multiple Vacations Based on Phase-Type Distribution Fang LI, Dongliang YIN, Bin HU
Day 2 - Tuesday, December 06, 2016 / Room Pecatu 2
1 IEEM16-P-0096 Matching Successful Supply Chain Configuration Practices of Best Performer Suppliers with Clients’ Wishes: Guidelines for the Italian Engineered Valve Suppliers of the Oil & Gas Sector Guido J. L. MICHELI, Enrico CAGNO, Gianlorenzo PADOVANI
2 IEEM16-P-0202 Earthquake Disaster Emergency Supply Chain Performance Evaluation Based on Triangular Fuzzy Numbers Fumin DENG, Xiaoyun ZHANG, Xuedong LIANG, Chao BAO, Zhaoxia GUO
3 IEEM16-P-0396 A Method of Predicting Demand for Aircraft Follow-up Spare Based on Discrete Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm and RBF Neural Network Dongdong LI, Boping XIAO, Haiping HUANG, Aoqing WANG
4 IEEM16-P-0600 Analysis of a Pharmaceutical Reverse Supply Chain Based on Unwanted Medications Categories in Household Meina HUA, Huajun TANG, Zilin WU
5 IEEM16-P-0706 A Comprehensive Closed Loop Supply Chain Model; Environmental, Technology and Energy Concerns Amirhesam SOUFALI, Mahdi BASHIRI
6 IEEM16-P-0714 Robust Optimization for Lean Supply Chain Design Under Disruptive Risk Thi Hong Dang NGUYEN, Thien-My DAO
7 IEEM16-P-0104 Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis for Estimating Marbling Score of Live Beef Cattle in Japan Osamu FUKUDA, Daisuke HASHIMOTO, Iqbal AHMED
8 IEEM16-P-0441 Single-Machine Production Scheduling Integrated Preventive Maintenance Planning for Minimizing Makespan and Flow Time Shengliang XU, Liya WANG
9 IEEM16-P-0491 Managing Unforeseen Events in Production Scheduling and Control Emrah ARICA, Peter FALSTER, Hans-Henrik HVOLBY, Jan Ola STRANDHAGEN, Kim FRASER
10 IEEM16-P-0105 The Optimal Entry Point for Corporate Social Responsibility of Sustainable Business in the Food Industry - The TBL Model Shu Yen HSU, Chiao Chen CHANG, Tyrone T. LIN
11 IEEM16-P-0164 Multi Criteria Decision Making with Evidential Reasoning Under Uncertainty Farzaneh AHMADZADEH
12 IEEM16-P-0223 Effects of Incentive Time Point on Cooperation Yan WANG, Yan-Mei LI
13 IEEM16-P-0339 Environmental Sustainability: Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis for Resource Recovery from Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste Samson MASEBINU, Esther AKINLABI, Edison MUZENDA, Charles MBOHWA, Akinwale ABOYADE, Thabo MAHLATSI
14 IEEM16-P-0518 Identification of Modular Platform Potential in Complex Product Portfolios Using Data Analytics Günther SCHUH, Michael RIESENER, Casimir ORTLIEB, J. KOCH
15 IEEM16-P-0539 Analysis of Transnational Joint Venture Decision Evaluation on Aesthetic Medicine: Extended Binomial Options Pricing Model Hui-Tzu YEN, Tyrone T. LIN
16 IEEM16-P-0681 Prediction of Trust in Scripted Dialogs Using Neuro-Fuzzy Method Halimahtun MOHD KHALID, Wei Shiung LIEW, Martin HELANDER, Chu Kiong LOO
17 IEEM16-P-0744 Technology Assessement Based on Growth Functions for Prediction of Future Development Trends and the Maximum Achieveable Potential Michael FRIES, Markus LIENKAMP
18 IEEM16-P-0102 Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Effects of Heating Frequency in the Thixoforming Process for the 2D Aluminum Alloy Semi-Solid State Vinh Du NGUYEN, Phuong Minh LUU , Tri NGUYEN-QUANG
19 IEEM16-P-0134 The Influence of Cutting Parameters on Residual Stress Distribution During Turning of 20Cr2Ni4 Steel Qianru WU, Jiping LU, Xianping CHEN, Sicheng JIAO
20 IEEM16-P-0260 A Method for Configuration Design of Reconfigurable Machine Tool Xiwen SHANG, Guoxin WANG, Sihan HUANG, Daming PEI, Zhenjun MING, Yan YAN
21 IEEM16-P-0323 Oil & Gas Industry Perception of Modularization Barriers and Impacts Mauro MANCINI, Guido J. L. MICHELI, Agnese TRAVAGLINI, Giacomo GILARDONE
22 IEEM16-P-0053 Using Answer Set Programming in an Order-Picking System with Cellular Transport Vehicles Steffen SCHIEWECK, Gabriele KERN-ISBERNER, Michael TEN HOMPEL
23 IEEM16-P-0573 Dynamic Analysis of Customer Needs Using Fuzzy Markov Chain and Fuzzy Weighted Average Methods C.K. KWONG, Huimin JIANG, Ridvan AYDIN
24 IEEM16-P-0571 Layout Design for Large Scale Problems with a Hybridized Clustering Based Heuristic Method Maryam SAHRAGARD, Mahdi BASHIRI
25 IEEM16-P-0063 Time-Varying Response Surface Method for High-Temperature Structural Reliability Analysis Using Copula Jian-Chun ZHANG, Xiao-Bing MA, Yu ZHAO
26 IEEM16-P-0079 Residual Life Estimation Fusing Life Data and Expert Informaiton Hao CHEN, Bo GUO, Xiang JIA, Ping JIANG
27 IEEM16-P-0171 Research on the Task Allocation Model for Equipment Joint Support Demands Di ZHOU, Baocheng LIU, Yishu XU, Lin MA
28 IEEM16-P-0198 Multi-Failure Mode Reliability Evaluation Based on Virtual Sample Method Junchao DONG, Chuanri LI, Huan DU, Xingyue YANG
29 IEEM16-P-0210 The Determination Method on Products Sample Size Under the Condition of Bayesian Sequential Testing Yunyan XING, Ping JIANG, Zhijun CHENG
30 IEEM16-P-0302 Joint Optimization of LORA and Spares Inventory with Fuzzy Parameters Weikang XUE, Boping XIAO, Dongdong LI, Lin MA
31 IEEM16-P-0552 Research on Reliability Assessment of Space Electronic Products Based on Integration of Highly Accelerated Life Test and Accelerated Degradation Test Kai LIU, Congmin LV, Wei DANG, Lingjiang LI, Tianji ZOU, Peng LI
32 IEEM16-P-0557 A Study of Availability-Based Warranty Policy Chun SU, Xiaolin WANG
33 IEEM16-P-0614 Reliability Modeling Method for Dependent Competing Failure System Chunlei BAI, Chuanri LI, Junchao DONG, Peng LI
34 IEEM16-P-0633 A Survey of Condition-Based Maintenance Modeling of Multi-Component Systems Rui WANG, Nan CHEN
35 IEEM16-P-0691 Fault Tree Analysis of Oil and Gas Distillation Tower and Application of Bayesian Networks Alireza NASSAJ, Javad BARABADY
36 IEEM16-P-0232 A Study on Analyzing and Modeling Dynamic Random Access Memory Power Under Burn-in Test Condition Chang-Ki HAN, Ilkyung YOON, Hyun-Sung LIM, Sung-Mun KANG, Jajun KIM, Jae Woo RU, Hong-Sun HWANG, Sangjae RHEE, Kang-Yong CHO, Gyo-Young JIN
37 IEEM16-P-0262 Dynamic Energy Portfolio Optimization Model for Electricity System and Heating System Chen LI, Fajie WEI, Shan LU, Junwei ZENG
38 IEEM16-P-0335 Genetic Algorithm for Generalized Resource Constrained Multi Project Scheduling Problem Integrated with Closed Loop Supply Chain Planning Shadan GHOLIZADEH TAYYAR, Jacques LAMOTHE, Lionel DUPONT
39 IEEM16-P-0354 Implicit Modelling for Manpower Scheduling with Part-Time Workers Ping Chong CHUA, Hendra Teja WIRAWAN
40 IEEM16-P-0447 Robust Resource Investment Problem with Time-Dependent Resource Cost and Tardiness Penalty Asem HATTAB, Mohamed HAOUARI
41 IEEM16-P-0592 Solving the Cutting-Stock Problem by Using the Sequential Quadratic Programming Optimization Method Tsung Yin LIN, Shihming CHEN, M. T. YU
42 IEEM16-P-0256 Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Operation Process Including Operating Environment Threats Krzysztof KOŁOWROCKI, Joanna SOSZYŃSKA-BUDNY
43 IEEM16-P-0259 Identification of Port Oil Piping Transportation System Operation Process Including Operating Environment Threats Krzysztof KOŁOWROCKI, Joanna SOSZYŃSKA-BUDNY
44 IEEM16-P-0460 An Investment Allocation Model for Quality Improvement to Reduce Component Variances at Manufacturer and Supplier Side to Maximize the Return on Investment Cucuk Nur ROSYIDI, Ibnu PAMUNGKAS, Wakhid Ahmad JAUHARI, Bambang SUHARDI, Kunihiro HAMADA
45 IEEM16-P-0583 The Optimization Model of Transport Routes Taking into Account the State of Roads and Road Traffic Congestions Dmitriy ANUFRIEV, Olga SHIKULSKAYA, Timur ESMAGAMBETOV, Mikhail SHIKULSKIY
46 IEEM16-P-0596 A Variable-Fidelity Modeling Method Based on Self-Organizing Maps Spatial Reduction Ping JIANG, Leshi SHU, Xiangzheng MENG, Qi ZHOU, Jiexiang HU, Junnan XU
47 IEEM16-P-0034 Evaluating Human Resource Competitiveness Based on an Improved TOPSIS Method: The Case of Automotive Industry Han HAO, Shijia ZHAO, Zongwei LIU, Fuquan ZHAO
48 IEEM16-P-0089 Influence of Work-Family Conflict on Job Involvement and Organizational Commitment: The Moderating Effect of Perceived Supervisor Support and the Mediating Effect of Job Satisfaction Chenchen LIU, Xin LI, Tong LIU, Yi-Wen CHEN
49 IEEM16-P-0121 The Impact of Work-Family Interface on Turnover Intention of IT R&D Personnel: A Mediator Role of Psychological Contract Zhiyong ZHANG, Tong LIU, Yi-Wen CHEN
50 IEEM16-P-0144 Effect of Height on Sense of Power Chunyi WANG, Yan-Mei LI, Xiaoshu LI, Weibo HAO
51 IEEM16-P-0275 Development of Affective Modeling for Toilet Seat Comfort Sunghwan PARK, Y. L. RHIE, Joong Hee LEE, Minjee KIM, Kyung-Jun LEE, Injae LEE, Myung Hwan YUN
52 IEEM16-P-0359 Understanding Characteristics of User-Generated Content as a Source of Extracting User Value G. W. KIM, Yongmin KIM, Jun Soo HAN, Y. L. RHIE, Myung Hwan YUN
53 IEEM16-P-0362 Identifying the Structure of Perceived Luxuriousness in Real and Web-Based Model House Yong Min KIM, Myung Bin CHOI, Sung Hee AHN, Donggun PARK, Jin Woo OH, Myung Hwan YUN
54 IEEM16-P-0436 Integrating Human Factors and Ergonomics in a Participatory Program for Improvements of Work Systems: An Effectiveness Study Helia FONSECA, Nuno SANTOS, Isabel LOUREIRO, Pedro AREZES
55 IEEM16-P-0554 Difference Thresholds of Multi-Axis Whole-Body Vibration Andi WIJAYA, Orjan JOHANSSON
56 IEEM16-P-0018 A Selection Framework of E-Business Model by Assessing Organizational E-Readiness Kayvan MOHITMAFI, Payam HANAFIZADEH
57 IEEM16-P-0159 An Assessment Method of Aviation Equipment Affordability Based on AHP Wei WANG, Jing LYU, Xiao Cui LI, Yin Ping REN
58 IEEM16-P-0352 Efficiency Change in Companies Participating in the Rural Appliance Rebate Program of China Shuo ZHANG, Yongzhong WU, Wenhui ZHOU
59 IEEM16-P-0344 Interaction Capability, Process Quality, and Outsourcing Success: A Vendor Perspective in Offshore IT Outsourcing Yogi WIBISONO, Rajesri GOVINDARAJU, Dradjad IRIANTO, Iman SUDIRMAN
60 IEEM16-P-0437 Fostering Innovation in Public Procurement Through Public Private Partnerships Nunzia CARBONARA, Roberta PELLEGRINO
61 IEEM16-P-0496 Social Innovation, Research and Community Engagement: Managing Interdisciplinary Projects for Societal Change Nickey JANSE VAN RENSBURG, Johan MEYER, Hannelie NEL
62 IEEM16-P-0516 It’s Not the Plan, It’s the Process of Planning Julien POLLACK
63 IEEM16-P-0083 Exploring Anxiety in Ignoring Read Messages of Line- Comparison in Four Stages of Romance Relationship Y. J. LIU, Chih Chieh HSU
64 IEEM16-P-0224 Researcher Qualitative Change by Governmental Support in Japan Kazuya TANAKA, Ichiro SAKATA
65 IEEM16-P-0448 Communication Constraints and Motivations in the Context of Knowledge Sharing: A Systematic Literature Review Trifandi LASALEWO, Subagyo , Budi HARTONO, Hari Agung YUNIARTO
66 IEEM16-P-0459 Development and Implementation Strategy for Product Configuration Systems in Engineer-to-Order Companies Katrin KRISTJANSDOTTIR, Sara SHAFIEE, Lars HVAM
67 IEEM16-P-0653 ERP System Usage and Panoptic Control: The Role of Perceived Organizational Support Bayu Andika RAMADHANA, Rajesri GOVINDARAJU, Yogi WIBISONO
68 IEEM16-P-0679 Design Knowledge Modeling of Complex Products Based on the Living Systems Theory Guoxin WANG, Kun LUO, Daming PEI, Yan YAN, Sihan HUANG, Xiwen SHANG
69 IEEM16-P-0688 Study on Cross-Domain Knowledge Inspired Innovation Design Nian YANG, Yan YAN, Jia HAO, Guoxin WANG, Daming PEI, Jianxiong YANG
70 IEEM16-P-0709 Social Innovation Activities in Japanese Firms: A Pilot Study with Text Mining Weilin ZHAO, Noritomo OUCHI, Chihiro WATANABE
71 IEEM16-P-0291 The Impact of Compensation Structure of Salespeople on Team Performance and Turnover Rate: the Moderated- Mediating Effect of Knowledge Sharing Behavior Yuanyuan LAI, Jifan REN
72 IEEM16-P-0382 Towards Improving Public Procurement Process Through Lean Principles: A Case of the Agricultural Engineering Division, Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, Namibia Felix NDINAMWENE, Michael MUTINGI, Charles MBOHWA, Herbert MAPFAIRA
73 IEEM16-P-0400 Hotel’s Online Booking Segementation for Heterogenous Customers Zhaowei MIAO, Ting WEI, Yongquan LAN
74 IEEM16-P-0673 Visualization of the Mobility Patterns in the Bike-Sharing Transport Systems in Mexico City Luis A. MONCAYO-MARTINEZ, Adrian RAMIREZ-NAFARRATE
75 IEEM16-P-0733 The Important Impact Factors of Entrepreneurial Motivation for College Students Jen-Chia CHANG, Feng-Ming SUI, Hsi-Chi HSIAO, Po-Ying CHIANG
76 IEEM16-P-0057 The Mediator Role of Psychological Capital: A Study Among Authentic Leadership, Work Engagement, and Psychological Capital Xiaonan ZHONG, Xin LI, Tong LIU, Yi-Wen CHEN
77 IEEM16-P-0177 An Efficient Data Leakage Prevention Framework for Semiconductor Industry Sherry ZHU, Eric GUO , Max LU, Anna YUE
78 IEEM16-P-0205 A Study on the Relationship Between the Moral Self-Concept and the Cyber Aggression Behavior of College Students Wenqi CHEN, Yan-Mei LI
79 IEEM16-P-0240 Characterization and Damage Identification of Acoustic Emission Signal in Tensile Process of the Material of High-Speed Train Gearbox Shell Yibo AI, Chang SUN, Hao CUI, Weidong ZHANG
80 IEEM16-P-0414 An Investigation on the Relationship Between Control Self-Assessment, Cloud Security, and Cloud-Related Business Performance - Using Partial Least Squares Cheuk Hang AU, Walter S. L. FUNG, Aaron TSES
81 IEEM16-P-0503 Safety Measurement for the Road Transport in Northern Norway in Wintertime Fuqing YUAN, Jinmei LU
82 IEEM16-P-0647 An IOT-Based System to Prevent Injuries in Assembly Line Production Systems Maria Grazia GNONI, Valerio ELIA, Paolo BRAGATTO
83 IEEM16-P-0250 A Study for Big-Data (Hadoop) Application in Semiconductor Manufacturing Sheng KANG, Wei-Ting Kary CHIEN, Jun Gang YANG
84 IEEM16-P-0327 Key Issues of Incorporating Social Network Effects in Product Portfolio Planning Roger JIAO, Feng ZHOU, Jun DU
85 IEEM16-P-0499 Critical Issues of Applying Machine Learning to Condition Monitoring for Failure Diagnosis Fuqing YUAN
86 IEEM16-P-0041 Monthly Electricity Demand Forecasting by GANN Hsiao-Fan WANG, Chia-Liang LAI
87 IEEM16-P-0064 Flexible Vehicle Scheduling for Urban Last Mile Logistics: The Emerging Technology of Shared Reception Box Shuzhu ZHANG, Carman Ka Man LEE
88 IEEM16-P-0228 Managing Routing Information for Optimal Vehicle Refueling in Transportation Networks Shieu-Hong LIN
89 IEEM16-P-0188 Supplier Management in Photomask Field Kelly CHEN, Eric GUO , Sammy CHEN, Sherry ZHU
90 IEEM16-P-0409 A Study on the Control Charts Based on Quality Loss Function Suyi LI, Wenjia WANG
91 IEEM16-P-0560 Acceptance Sampling Plans Based on Truncated Life Tests for LOG-EIG Distribution Wanbo LU, Haozhen XU, Lingyu ZUO
92 IEEM16-P-0568 Equipment Assessment Methodology and Automatic Management System in Automotive Semiconductor Manufacturing Ziqian Javaer LIU, Hongtao H.T. QIAN, Yuhong Betsy XU
93 IEEM16-P-0617 A General Framework for Multiple Responses Optimization Based on Bayesian Posterior Predictive Method Suyi LI, Wenjia WANG
94 IEEM16-P-0133 Use of Lean Management Philosophy in Health Sector: A VSM Based Case Study Katarzyna ANTOSZ, Dorota STADNICKA, R.M. Chandima RATNAYAKE
95 IEEM16-P-0406 Applying Microsoft Kinect for Windows to Develop a Stroke Rehabilitation System Keng-Chieh YANG, Chia-Hui HUANG, Cyuan-Fong LE