Scientific Program: Schedule at a Glance

Slot Code Time Duration
AM1 8:30AM - 10:15AM 1.75 hours
AM2 10:45AM - 12:30PM 1.75 hours
Lunch 12:30PM - 1:30PM 1 hour
PM1 1:30PM - 3:30PM 2 hours
PM2 4:00PM - 6:00PM 2 hours

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PV - Poster Viewing Session

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* Please note that the presentation schedule is tentative as there may be late changes in the program.

Day 1 -- Tuesday, February 06, 2018
Room:Lily-SantanBallroom 3Ballroom 2Ballroom 1
PM1Breakout Discussion 1: What are the grand challenges for natural hazards research in Asia? Breakout Discussion 2: Post-event surveys and ethics: How long to wait after a disaster occurs to do a scientific post-event survey? Breakout Discussion 3: Warning systems: hits and misses; what is needed for effective warning; who should issue a warning? 
Panel 1: Space-based technologies in Natural Hazards: Research and response Panel 2: Science and Reinsurance: mutual needs and benefits 
PM2  PV - A, E, F, G
Plenary Talk 1: Taal volcano, natural history and hazard 
Day 2 -- Wednesday, February 07, 2018
Room:Lily-SantanBallroom 3Ballroom 2Ballroom 1
PM1Breakout Discussion 4: What are the hazards that threaten Asian megacities? Breakout Discussion 5: How to effectively visualize natural hazards uncertainty for scientists, policy makers and the public: before, during? Breakout Discussion 6: Are extreme natural hazard events part of an underlying distribution, or outliers: Are black swans grey? 
Workshop: Challenges of communicating natural hazards through film Panel 3: Towards achieving synergies between stochastic, deterministic and heuristic approaches to natural hazards research and response 
PM2  PV - A, D, F
Plenary Talk 2: Natural Hazards in the Philippines: Processes, Events, Mitigation and Policy 
Day 3 -- Thursday, February 08, 2018
Room:Lily-SantanBallroom 3Ballroom 2Ballroom 1
PM1Breakout Discussion 7: Nature-based solutions for hazards in megacities: future or failure? Breakout Discussion 8: Multihazards: Do scientists, hazard managers, and policy makers take into account multi-hazards, and are their methodologies working? Breakout Discussion 9: Climate Change: Hazard research in the climate change agenda 
Workshop/Panel: Publishing natural hazards research Panel 4: Civil defence and geological disasters: the Philippines perspective 
PM2  PV - B, C, D, G
Plenary Talk 3: Archeological Evidence of Tsunami Destruction along the Northern Coast of Aceh, Sumatra, Centuries before 2004